Bad Influence is the debut feature film from writer-director-producer Andreas Toumbas currently in the filming phase of production. It is a mirco budget 90-minute independent film being made for approximately $10,000 (AUD) filmed and produced in Sydney, Australia. Being a true indie film, the story takes place in primarily one location, which is filmed at the director's family home in the suburb of Earlwood, in the inner west of Sydney.


The film is a very personal project and deals with the issues surrounding alcohol abuse and mental illness (primarily social anxiety), and how the two are related. Furthermore, it explores how alcohol is often used as a social lubricant, but can quickly make us anti-social.  It is a very raw film about a very common issue we face in society. The film's mission is to bring light to the serious problem of binge drinking and the negative impacts it brings to individuals and the community.